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Playing Versus.

Having completed the campaign on Gears of War 5, or commonly known as its shortened name Gears 5, I have started playing the versus modes, quite simply to unlock a few more achievements.

As with all the other versions of Gears, I really suck at this, and 9 times out of 10 am the bottom player. What I find both difficult and infuriating is the shotgun, it seems that everyone else can get a one kill with it, they hide around the corner and as you run around, blast you to pieces. When I try this, I just get killed.

I will google some videos later today to try and get my head around this but it really does suck (or more to the point, I do.) Once I have unlocked the achievements I need, that’s it I will be hanging up my weapons and sticking to games I am actually not too bad at.

Thanks for reading.