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Fireworks Nightmare.

In the UK, November the 5th is celebrated as the foiling of the gun powder plot, this has been a long term tradition and as such as any event has been heavily commercialised, with the sales of fireworks to the general public.

And, as such Brits, they cannot stick to letting off fireworks on the so-called celebratory night, they set them off randomly throughout the month!

This can be very scary for your pets, especially dogs and cats, but there a few things you can do to ease your furry friends stress levels.

Close curtains – This will help muffle the sounds.

Higher the volume on your TV or Radio – This will aid in masking the loud bangs.

Create a Safe Zone – Have somewhere where your pets can hide, such as blankets and cushions, create a pet fort.

Give them hugs – self-explanatory.

Walk them before dark so they do not have to go out when fireworks are going off.

If possible, don’t leave them alone.

Hope these tips help.