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Earning Xbox Rewards

So, currently, sat on over 36,000+ Microsoft points, I can convert 35,000 of these for 3 months Ultimate Games Pass, but I am still holding out.

One of the things now with Microsoft rewards are the chance to earn extra points through playing games, hitting achievements and so on and so forth.

So, spent about 4 hours today playing a game I wouldn’t normally play, hitting 2 achievements and gaining 200+ points. Not a bad thing, I like the way you can change what you do on gameplay to make credits, in fact, I don’t have to pay the £11.99 fee for the Ultimate pass until about 15 months and with another 3 months of points worth under my belt, it’s looking good.

Also just enrolled the rest of the family into earning points, so will also cover my lads’ additional spends with £5 Microsoft gift cards

Thanks for reading