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Finishing Achievements.

Having been playing Borderlands 3 since its release I have managed to shut down all but a handful of achievements. One I am struggling with is completing all side-missions. The biggest problem is finding them all as well as having no guide of what is missing. So it is kind of hit and miss getting this. It would be so much easier if Gearbox had a progression menu on this, rather than just showing which missions have been completed. I do actually suspect this could be one of the Slaughterhouse missions, so will be attempting these again at some point over the weekend.

The other mission I am also stuck on is getting a perfect score on the shooting range, again I just need to find the right gun so I can take this on.

Once I have done the above two missions I will complete the final mission of completing all quests and maxing out the achievements for BL3

Thanks for reading.